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WordPress is powerful

and can do a lot of things

Popular Blog website

Large Business website

Large E-commerce website


Mastering it takes time

& trial and error

And any other site which you might have came across...

All of this can be built with wordpress

If you know how to use it the right away

In fact,Wordpress powers more than 1/3rd of all websites on the internet,

(including the site you're looking right now)

So ,it gets a bit hard you try to create any professional website on your own in wordpress

In the age, where everyone is looking for things & buying online, Being able to build the website you want, could be the #1 skill that you need to know in 2021,

Having a good website can help you reach the right people who you’re looking for. And increase your reach

Increase Customer

Increase Leads

Increase Revenue

So, What do I need to learn this skill?




You can do all of it using simple visual controls like below. With no coding needed.

No Coding

Just Drag and drop

But, there are 1000s of tutorials online, where I can learn for free? right

Yes, you can

But,you need to

Watch several short (& random) tutorials which talk about specific parts of wordpress.

Some videos are way too long & boring. Taking more time than necessary. Showing you minor & less important details, which can confuse you & Most of which you’ll never use.

It is difficult to implement a custom feature you want. When you don't understand wordpress fully.

All of this can be built with wordpress

Mastering WordPress on your OWN is not a Cake Walk

Though you don’t need to know any coding or programming skills,

You might get lost in the world of WordPress while watching 100s of free tutorials.

It can get a bit overwhelming to create the Website you want.

So, We decided we will put an end to this, by creating our very own Complete Beginner's WordPress Course.

Which takes you from A-to-Z in wordpress.

Everything you need to know, can be learnt step-by-step, From Start to Finish

So that you can build the site that you want (or you always wanted to build). From the creators of #1 WordPress youtube channel in the word.


“Make A Pro Website”

Course by Website Learners

(Learn WordPress the Easy Way)

You will be able to master WordPress and Learn to build any website in less than 7 days.

Stop Wasting Time searching in Google for Answers.

Learn WordPress from short, easy step-by-step videos. Which can be watched from any where.

Become more comfortable on managing any WordPress Website

Learn at your own pace.

Make a Pro Website Course

Master WordPress and Create Stunning Websites (in less than a Week)

Here is what you will learn in this course

1B Sections, 103 Lectures, 9H 8m worth of Goodness

Introduction to WordPress & Why Use WordPress?


2 Different Ways to Get WordPress


Getting a Local WordPress Site on your PC for Free




Finding your Domain Name


How to Pick the Right Host for your Site


Getting your Domain & Hosting


Enabling SSL on your Site



How to Control your WordPress site


How to Create a Page on your Site


How to Change your Site Title and Tagline


Understanding How Themes work in WordPress


Introduction to Posts & How to Use Them


How to Make your Posts look Attractive by Adding a Featured Image


Introduction to Customizers & How to Use it


How to Control the Menus on your Site


How to Move Blog Posts away from Homepage & Create a Custom Homepage


Understanding What are Plugins & How to use them



Understanding the Default WordPress Editor


Introductions to Page Builders


A Faster Way to Build your Site


Understanding Elementor Page Builder


How to Make your Page look Good on Mobiles and Tablets


How to Add your Logo


Understanding Widgets and How to Add them



The Must-do WordPress settings


Type of Website you can build with WordPress


How to Find the Plugins you want


How to Find the Right Theme for your Site


Another Way to Install Themes in WordPress



What More do you get from the Course

The fastest way to master WordPress

Effectively utilize all the features of WordPress

How to Build your site in the right way

1 Year Access to Course

Available on mobile devices

Expert support to solve your doubts.

What People Say about our videos

Durjan Sodha

Youtube Subscriber

Your technique of explanation is very good. I have watched many videos but often end up confused, but your teaching is amazing. I am sure, that anyone can build a website after watching any one of your videos.

Emmanuel Adeyami

Youtube Subscriber

Amazing Guys, I just watched all your videos. Your way of teaching is very unique and you are a great teacher. Keep up the good work guys. 

Janmejay Rout

Youtube Subscriber

Thanks for a great, simple and easy to follow introduction to creating a website. Making it seem this easy takes real skill. I have now built my own website thanks to you.

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