Struggling To Build A Professional Website?

Become A WordPress Pro In Less Than A Week, The Easy Way.

Wordpress is unbelievably powerful...

But it can be frustrating to learn on your own

Whether you:

Are a business owner looking to put your business on the web, or start a new business online…

want to learn WordPress to have a great marketable skill for 2021 and beyond…

Want to build an online portfolio, a community, a website for your company to reach more customers or really, anything else…

You know WordPress is the best tool to create stunning, professional websites of all kinds, without having to write code

But you have been wrestling with WordPress for a while, then you already know how frustrating it can be. And that’s ironic, because…

WordPress is actually EASY to use!

(But there is a problem...)

And that is that it’s confusing to learn on your own…

Because WordPress has so many options, but they are buried under menus — and everything you do is connected to a different option or feature.

So even if you want to fix a small issue (or add a new feature), you need to figure out how everything is connected to each other

And when you try to understand it all, you have way too much material on the web. So you try to learn on your own, you get stuck, search online…

And here’s what happens:

You spend an hour or more looking up tutorials that go on and on explaining theory but never actually telling you about what you are trying to do exactly.

You find several possible solutions, every one different than the previous one, and never know which one is the right one for you.

In time, you work things out… but you never feel like you are mastering WordPress — just that you’re fighting an infinite battle, never comfortable with your skills and results.

And in time, the issues pile up and it all becomes overwhelming.

We know that well, because…

Here At Website Learners We Have Helped Over 10 Million People Learn WordPress.

In the last five years, over 10 million people have watched our videos on WordPress and used them to get results.

We are the #1 WordPress YouTube channel in the world with over 700K subscribers, for one reason: we know how to teach WordPress






Watch Hours

Every day, we receive messages about how hard it is to learn WordPress. About how confusing it is to search through a mountain of bad content outdated tutorials, long-winded videos that talk about random features that don’t matter to you...

So we took everything we know about teaching WordPress and we built the ULTIMATE beginner WordPress course:

The "Make A PRO Website" Course

"Master WordPress The Easy Way And Learn To Build Stunning Websites In Less Than 7 Days, Without Writing A Single Line Of Code!"

Finally, you have ONE resource, built by expert WordPress instructors, that tells you everything you need to know about WordPress in less than 3 hours of on-demand video.

Short, focused lessons that are designed to be immediately actionable. No theory and pointless details. You watch the video, then you immediately go apply it on your website.

Learn the skills you need to comfortably create and manage a WordPress website, whether you’re learning to build your business website or to acquire a new skill, without the need to touch a line of code!

All the above with the assurance that you’re being taught by the real experts behind Website Learners, the top YouTube resource on WordPress with over 700K subscribers!

You can learn at your own pace while you build your website. You have full access to the course for one year, and you can watch the videos from anywhere and on any device, including a smartphone.

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What

You’ll Learn Inside The Course…

Module #1: Getting Started

In module one you’ll learn the fundamental WordPress concepts you need to understand the rest of the course.

What you can use WordPress for, and when you should use it.

The two different ways to get and use WordPress for your website.

How to online portfolio, an set up a local WordPress site on your own computer to experiment with without risking your “real” website!

Module #2: Launching A WordPress Website

Without wasting any time, in the second module you’ll get a full guide to setting up your live WordPress website.

A guide to the whole process of finding and registering your domain name and hosting space.

Setting up your WordPress website on your web hosting the right way.

How to enable a secure connection for your website

Module #3: WordPress Basics

In the third module, you’ll learn how to use all the tools WordPress puts at your disposal.

Creating pages and posts to add content to your website.

Installing and customizing themes and plugins to get the features you want on your website!

Setting up custom menus, home pages, and more.

Module #4: Designing Your WordPress Website

The fourth module is all about turning you into a WordPress design ninja.

Understanding and using the WordPress editor and more advanced visual builders to create professional-looking pages.

Creating mobile and tablet-ready pages so your users can use the website from any device.

Saving dozens of hours while creating beautiful websites and layouts by not starting everything from scratch!

Module #5: Advanced WordPress Concepts

In module five you’ll become a bonafide WordPress expert and learn how to use the full power of WordPress to realize your vision.

A deep dive into WordPress flexible settings and what settings you must configure to get your site to perform at its best.

Installing and how to use WordPress to build advanced websites and make your website stand out from others.

The complete guide to finding the right plugins and themes you need to realize any project you have in mind!

Module #6: Organizing Your Website

After you have created your website, it’s important to keep it neat and organized. In the sixth module you’ll learn WordPressIn the third module, you’ll learn how to use all the tools best practices:

Using categories and tags to keep your content organized and manageable.

Managing users and comments to foster a strong community.

Dealing with spam comments so that you don’t even need to see them.

Module #7: Managing Your Website

You’re a webmaster now! In module seven you’ll learn all the tips and tricks of managing your website and avoiding nightmare scenarios.

Backing up your site, and restoring everything if things go wrong.

Updating WordPress and keeping it secure from malicious hackers.

How to leverage SEO to make your website easy to find on Google for your users!

But that’s not all...

You Also Get A $199 Bonus For FREE!

Design Your Dream Website Without Coding With

FREE Divi Plugin!

With your copy of Make A PRO Website you’ll also get a free Lifetime Access for Divi (normally $199) on a website of your choice.

With this powerful visual builder you can:

Build advanced pages, without writing a line of code, just by dragging and dropping elements visually!

Have a library of hundreds of (pro) pre-built customizable pages with elements like pricing tables, sliders, carousels, pop-ups, galleries…

Use pro starter templates and pre-made layouts for everything from landing pages to product pages, home pages, and more.

Use a powerful form designer with integrations with email marketing tools, calendar booking, and others.

Build advanced animations, visual effects sophisticated backgrounds, and more without needing graphics skills!

Leverage specialized elements for any kind of website, including e-commerce.

Drag and Drop Builder

Customizable Templates

You get all that for free on your website. You just need to share your website domain with us and we’ll activate your license, completely free.

If you want to create a professional WordPress website, this is the course for you — guaranteed.

In fact, we are so confident that we are adding a 48h money-back guarantee: if you join, start the course, and don’t immediately get started building your dream website, you have two days to ask for your money back, no questions asked.

At this point, you have two option...

You can keep learning on your own, watching videos, and searching for tutorials. This means wasting a lot of time and a lot of frustrations with outdated content, confusing instructions, and trial-and-error…

Or you can join Make A PRO Website and get started on your website today, putting each lesson into action as you go along with the course, and creating your professional looking website quickly and easily.

Let’s be honest — the choice is obvious, especially since you can take advantage of our exclusive subscriber discount.

Get Make A PRO Website for only ₹4999 today!

This price is a one time offer to you as a subscriber to Website Learners.

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But right now you can get instant access to the Make A Pro Website course, as well as a FREE BONUS license for Divi ($199 Lifetime Access!) for just ₹4999 instead of ₹10999.

If you want to:

Cut down on dozens of hours of trial and error, frustration, and confusion while trying to learn on your own…

Start building stunning websites that grow your business…

And also acquire one of the most marketable skills for 2021...

Then take the leap right now — and get started building your website in the next 15 minutes

And remember, there is zero risk to you.


Join the course before the timer below runs out to take advantage of your special subscriber discount!

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Featured Review

I have been watching website learners youtube channel from very beginning. I liked the way you guys teach. I am passionate to learn website designing and digital marketing to create a passive income for myself. After purchasing your course I got the confidence to create websites and eliminated my fear factor if some thing goes wrong (like crashes website) while creating websites. I learned with confidence by your teaching style.

Hareeshwar Reddy Yenugonda

Mar 2021

After completing the course, I learnt about wordpress and how to build websites and organize and manage the same. The instructor taught the lessons very clearly and doubts were answered quickly

Dr MP Jairaj

Apr 2021

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Is this course only for beginners?

Yes, the course is for beginners in wordpress. We are coming up with courses for advanced wordpress users.

Is the course related to eCommerce website creation?

No, But we’re working on a Course for E-commerce and will be released soon.

In the meantime, We recommend you to check out our video

Will I get certificate after course completion

Yes, Upon completion you will receive a certificate from Website learners.

Can we get Divi plugin in 2 Websites?

No, Divi plugin can be used for only one website

What is the course duration?

The course is self paced and has 1 year validity. So you can complete the course within one year of purchase.

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